Bluetooth Technology


Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications

technology originally intended to replace the cables

connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security.

It operates at a frequency of 2.4GhZ with bandwidth of few Mbit/s.

Each interface can have 7simultaneous connections.

This technology can be replace cable and provide portability.

This technology provide high level security. Because Bluetooth use Built-in encryption and verification.

Operating range of 10 meters, with optional 100 meter mode.

Transmission power of 1 mW

Operates in free ISM band [2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz]


Bluetooth technology, first developed in 1994.

Got its name from a 10th century Danish king named Harald Bluetooth

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group)

-Founded in 1998 by : Ericsson, Intel,

IBM, Toshiba and Nokia - Position Bluetooth in the market place

Current specification : Bluetooth 2.1

Basic Uses

Cable replacement

Voice and Data access points

Ad-hoc/temporary networking

Up to 8 devices can be networked at a time

Bluetooth Tethering.

Play Multiplayer Games Over Bluetooth. ..

Connect Different Devices.

Control Home Security Gadgets.

Bluetooth and Cars.

Transfer Files Between Two Devices.

Application of Bluetooth




Computer accessories

LAN peripherals

Multimedia Devices

Why we use Bluetooth?

Expansive growth in the last few years.

Easy to establish connection .

Low Cost.

High Security.

Recent driving laws will cause an increased need for

Bluetooth technology.


Bluetooth Model is Used

-Voice/data access points

-Peripheral Interconnects

-Personal Area Networking (PAN)


Voice/data access points is one of the key initial usage models and involves connecting a computing device to a communicating device via a secure wireless link.


The second category of uses, peripheral interconnects, involves connecting other devices together.


The last usage model, Personal Area Networking (PAN), focuses on the adhoc formation and breakdown of personal networks

Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Bluetooth Radio : specifics details of the air interface, including frequency, frequency hopping, modulation scheme, and transmission power.

Baseband: concerned with connection establishment within a piconet, addressing, packet format, timing and power control.

Link manager protocol (LMP): establishes the link setup between Bluetooth devices and manages ongoing links, including security aspects (e.g. authentication and encryption), and control and negotiation of baseband packet size.

Connection Establishment States

-Standby :-State in which Bluetooth device is inactive, radio not switched on, enable low power operation.

-Page :- Master enters page state and starts transmitting paging messages to Slave using earlier gained access code and timing information.

-Page Scan

Device periodically enters page state to allow paging devices to establish connections.


State in which device tries to discover all Bluetooth enabled devices in the close vicinity.

-Inquiry scan

Most devices periodically enter the inquiry scan state to make themselves available to inquiring devices.

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