Call of Duty Mobile Version Launched on oct 1, 2019

Publisher : Activision

Mobile Version Released date : 1 Oct 2019

Activision finally released the call of duty Mobile version for the gaming lovers yesterday. Its will be available for the all android and iOS gaming lovers and it's easily download from the play store and app store. The multi-player modes currently available are:

Front line: You have to kill as many players from the enemy team as possible. The first team to reach the top score wins. You’ll constantly re-spawn in the starting point of your base. (6 to 10 players)

Team Death match: Just like Front line, except with no re-spawn, so the winning team is the last one standing. (6 to 10 players)

Search & Destroy: Defend or attack a strategic objective without re-spawning . (6 to 10 players)

Free-for-All: Basically, it’s an individual death match. The last player standing wins. In this mode 4 to 8 players paying in squid.

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