Competition Exam Computer Questions

1. Where was India’s first computer installed and when?

(a) Indian Institute of science, Bangalore, 1953

(b) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1961

(c) Indian Statistical Institute Kalkutta, 1955

(d) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 1951

Ans.-> (c)

2. RAM can store

(a) Only data

(b) Only programs

(c) Programs and data

(d) Only operating system

Ans.-> (c)

3. Which one is NOT a web browser?

(a) Safari

(b) Foxpro

(c) Opera

(d) Mozilla

Ans.-> (b)

4. Graphics for processor

(a) Execute

(b) Peripheral

(c) Clip art

(d) Highlight

Ans.-> (c)

5. Which of the following techniques is best suited for bank cheques ?

(a) Optical Character Recognition

(b) Optical Mark Recognition

(c) Bar Code Recognition

(d) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Ans.-> (d)

6. A bootstrap is

(a) A device to support the computer

(b) An error correction technique

(c) A small initialization program to start up a computer

Ans.-> (d)

7. E-mails you receive appear in:

(a) Inbox

(b) Sent mails

(c) Messengers

(d) Contacts

Ans.-> (a)

8. What is an intersection of row and a column?

(a) Cell

(b) Cursor

(c) Form

(d) Record

Ans.-> ( a)

9. Which views in power point 2007 can be used to enter Speaker Comments?

a. Normal only

b. Notes pages view only

c. Normal & slide sorter

d. Normal & notes page view

Ans.-> (d)

10. Which of the following is not a document view?

a. Print layout view

b. Normal view

c. Web layout view

d. Work view

Ans.-> (d)

11. What do you mean by a excel workspace?

a. Group of rows

b. Group of worksheets

c. Group of workbooks

d. Group of columns

Ans.-> ( c)

12. Arithmetic calculations are done by:

a. ALU

b. Registers

c. Control unit

d. Memory unit

Ans.-> (a)

13. Which of the following security mechanism is used by network?


b. Gopher

c. Firewall

d. None of these

Ans.-> (C)

14. RJ45 UTP cable has ………… cables

a. 2 pair

b. 4 pair

c. 5 pair

d. 3 pair

Ans.-> (b)

15. How many OSI layers are covered in the X.25 standard?

a. Tow

b. Three

c. Six

d. Seven

Ans.-> (b)

16. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called

a. Sorting

b. Logic summary

c. Classification

d. Searching

Ans.-> (a)

17. Identify the class of the following IPv4 address:

a. A

b. B

c. C

d. D

Ans.-> (d)

18. Which of the following is a category found in custom animation in MS Power point 2007?

a. Design

b. Transition

c. Entrance

d. Master slide

Ans.-> (c)

19. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called?

a. System address

b. Process id

c. IP address


Ans.-> (c)

20. Which of the following is a shortcut key for “Save as”

a. F1

b. F5

c. F10

d. F12

Ans.-> (d)

21. In which menu do you find the option to wrap text in a cell of MS-Excel 2007?

a. Home

b. Insert

c. Formula

d. Review

Ans.-> (a)

22. The name before ‘@’ in E-mail address is called:

a. Domain

b. Range

c. User ID

d. None of these

Ans.-> (c)

23. Which menu keeps the Goal seek command in MS-Excel 2007?

a. Home

b. Insert

c. Formula

d. None of these

Ans.-> (d)

24. The operating system that allows multiple programs to run at same time is

a. Batch processing

b. Multithreading

c. Multitasking

d. Real time

Ans.-> (c)

25. The internet uses which protocol?



c. S.25

d. None of these

Ans.-> (a)

26. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as

a. Aloha

b. Broadcast

c. Bandwidth

d. Analog transmission

Ans.-> (b)

27. Maximum range of zooming a screen in MS-Word 2007?

a. 100%

b. 200%

c. 400%

d. None of these

Ans.-> (d)

28. A protocol used to control the secure sending of data on the internet is





Ans.-> (b)

29. Digital signature cannot provide……………………for the message.

a. Authentication

b. Non repudiation

c. Confidentiality

d. Integrity

Ans.-> (c)

30. In MS-Power point to insert new slide in current presentation, we can choose

a. Ctrl+M

b. Ctrl+O

c. Ctrl+F

d. Ctrl+N

Ans.-> (a)

31. In Power Point Ellipse Motion is predefined ……….

a. Color scheme

b. Design template

c. Animation scheme

d. None of these

Ans.-> (c)

32. Which protocol does DHCP use at the Transport layer?

a. IP

b. UDP

c. TCP

d. ARP

Ans.-> (b)

33. A digital signature is

a. Scanned signature

b. Handwritten signature

c. Encrypting information

d. Signature in binary form

Ans.-> (c)

34. Data integrity refers to ……. Of data

a. Accuracy

b. Security

c. Centralization

d. Non duplication

Ans.-> (a)

35. Which company developed the quick time format?

a. Microsoft

b. Apple

c. SUN Micro-systems

d. IBM

Ans.-> (b)

36. In MS Power Point 2007 to open an existing presentation press

a. Ctrl+N

b. Ctrl+A

c. Ctrl+O

d. Ctrl+L

Ans.-> (c)

37. GIGO stands for

a. Garbage input Garbage output

b. Garbage in garbage out

c. General in general out

d. None of these

Ans.-> (b)

38. Which of the following scales a picture from its original size?

a. Relative to original picture size

b. Horizontal and vertical alignment

c. Lock aspect ratio

d. Rotation

Ans.-> (a)

39. What is the port number for NNTP?

a. 70

b. 79

c. 80

d. 119

Ans.-> (d)

40. ASCII stands for:

a. American standard computer for indian institutes

b. Australian standard computer for indian institutes

c. American standard code for information interchange

d. Australian standard code for information interchange

Ans.-> (c)

41. Which menu option can be used to split windows into two parts in MS Office 2007?

a. Review->window->split

b. Page layout -> split

c. Review ->split

d. View -> split

Ans.-> (d)

42. In MS-Excel, a numeric value can be treated as a label value if ………precedes it

a. Hash(#)

b. Tilde(~)

c. Apostrophe(“)

d. Exclamation(!)

Ans.-> (c)

43. How long is an IPv6 address?

a. 32 bits

b. 64 bits

c. 128 bits

d. 128 bytes

Ans.-> (c)

44. Mouse is a:

a. Input/output device

b. Input device

c. Output device

d. None of these

Ans.-> (b)

45. The basic architecture of computer was developed by

a. Blais pascal

b. Johan Von Neuman

c. Charles Babbage

d. Garden Moore

Ans.-> (b)

46. The hexadecimal representation of the binary number(110101111)given in base 2

a. D71

b. D78

c. 1AF

d. 32F

Ans.-> (c)

47. HTML and XML are markup languages

a. Specially development for the web

b. Independent of SGML

c. Are versions of SGML

d. Are based on SGML

Ans.-> (d)

48. Modem is a:

a. Software

b. Hardware

c. Cpu

d. All of these

Ans.-> (b)

49. Which of the following is not a database object?

a. Tables

b. Reports

c. Queries

d. Relationships

Ans.-> (d)

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