What is Laravel ?

What is Laravel ?

Laravel is free, open-source PHP web framework,used for development of web applications following the model-view controller(MVC) architectural pattern.

- Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in July 2011 and it was released more than five years after the release of the Codeigniter . On 9th of July, 2011 Laravel released its first beta version.

Why we are use Laravel ?

we are use laravel because there are following reasons

- Easy to get started

-Open Source

-Emerging Quickly

-Follows MVC

-Community Support

-Secure In Nature

-Built upon best

-Routing controllers

-Blade Templating

-Migration for Database

-Testing is easy with laravel

-MVC Architecture Support

-Libraries and configuration


-Template engine


-Intuitive Syntax

-E-mailing facilities

-Practical Application Structure

-Artisan Code Generation

-Out-of-the-box User Model

-Dependency Injection Made Simple

-Supporting Products and Packages

-Effective ORM and database layer

-Easy integration with third-party libraries

-Building Authentication and Authorization Systems

-Integration with Mail Services

-Integration with Tools for Making Web Applications Faster

-Supporting unit tests out of the box

List of Laravel versions

Version Release Date

V1 June 2011

V2 September 2011

V3 February 2012

V4 May 2013

5.0 Feb 4th, 2015

5.1(LTS) Jun 9th, 2015

5.2 Dec 21st, 2015

5.3 Aug 23rd, 2016

5.4 Jan 24th, 2017

5.5(LTS) Aug 30th, 2017

5.6 Feb 7th, 2018

5.7 Sep 4th, 2018

5.8 Feb 26th, 2019

6.0(LTS) Sept 3rd, 2019

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